It has taken me years to construct this, but I am elated to finally present to you what I think is the greatest Trance mix ever made (stereotypical, other-worldly thumbnail included)! I’ve honestly never heard anything like it. This mix is a part of me and has taken well over three years to construct in theory and in concept. It includes 16 of my all-time favorite Trance songs and features an extremely calculated and deliberate ebb and flow. This mix showcases Trance’s range, in both BPM and style. Every song on this mix is an anthem and definitively exhibits all that Trance has to offer. Admittedly, this is not a Trance retrospective as it does not include any songs from before 2006. However, I believe this mix embodies MY generation of Trance.

I have longed for an artifact that would show people what Trance truly is and spent years searching for a template to demonstrate exactly that. Now I feel I finally have it.

This mix is also very special to me because it was mixed by my very close friend Scott Land of Slander. It’s truly one of the nicest gifts anyone has ever given to me and I couldn’t help but share it with the world. The transitions are flawless and there is no set that I would rather listen to in existence. Scott also happens to be the person that turned me onto Trance, so the fact that this could be a collaboration between us means that much more to me.

The thing that sets Trance apart from other genres, in my opinion, is that the feeling Trance evokes inside you is its exact intent. It’s all about how the music makes you feel.

There are so many songs and so many artist that I wish I could have included. It was also hard for me not to make every song on here by Above & Beyond, but just wait for my next mix – Above & Beyond at only 138 BPM!

Please give this mix a chance and if you still do not like it, then I am sorry to say that Trance is lost on you. For real though, everyone needs to get their shit together and realize that Trance is the best of all EDM genres!

I made this mix available on SoundCloud, YouTube, MixCloud and Dropbox (for DOWNLOAD).

If you enjoyed the mix, please follow my EDMozer Essential Trance playlist on Spotify to dive deeper into my Trance library.

Below is the tracklist for EDMozer’s Essential Trance mix. I included a brief anecdote about what each song means to me and hope it aids in your enjoyment of the set. PLEASE let me know what you think!


  • 1. Let Go (Nic Chagall Remix) [Myon & Shane 54 Refill] – Mark Eteson [131 BPM] (2010)

So what better song to start the greatest Trance mix ever with than the song that opened one of my favorite sets of all-time, Trance Around The World 350. I’ve written about this song and TATW 350 before in my Myon & Shane 54 Featured Artist post, but here it goes again. This song came out right around the peak of my interest in Trance and TATW 350 happened to fall on a Friday. Rather than go out drinking with my friends, I decided to stay in my bed and rage to the TATW livestream with my headphones on. Scott was actually at the Palladium for this show and I was so jealous when Above & Beyond started their set with “Let Go.” I remain forever envious of my friends who witnessed TATW 350.

  • 2. Promises (Myon & Shane 54 Summer of Love Mix) – Andain [132 BPM] (2011)

To me, “Promises” is one of the most accessible Trance songs for non-Trance fans. Over the years as I planned this mix, I knew it had to be included for this reason. I have wonderful memories of driving around the streets of Paris listening to this song during my 2012 Europe trip and it always leaves me with a warm feeling inside upon each listen. This is definitely one of my favorite songs ever.

  • 3. Never Say Never (Myon & Shane 54 Remix) – Armin van Buuren [134 BPM] (2009)

Although I did not include any tracks by Armin van Buuren on this mix, I am glad I could include two of his originals remixed. Armin has been one of the biggest influencers, if not the biggest, on the Trance scene. However, I got into Trance through Anjunabeats and only began exploring Armin and Armada later on. I can’t really explain it, but I LOVE the build into the final drop of “Never Say Never.” It is a prime example of Myon & Shane 54’s sound and style that made me fall in love with them.

  • 4. You Never Said (Dash Berlin Remix) – Jaren, Mitiska, Cerf [132 BPM] (2008)

I honestly don’t remember when or how I found this song. However, this track encompasses everything that I look for in a Trance anthem from the groovy bass line down to the chilling breakdowns. “You Never Said” is sung by Jaren Cerf who also did the vocals on “Man On The Run,” but I will get to that later.

  • 5. Thing Called Love (Above & Beyond 2011 Club Mix) – Above & Beyond [134 BPM] (2011)

“Thing Called Love” is the only song I included by Above & Beyond off Group Therapy in this mix. While that was the album that began my obsession with Above & Beyond, I have grown fonder of Tri-State and their stint as OceanLab over time. Nevertheless, it just had to be included. There’s nothing I can say that I haven’t written already about “Thing Called Love” so I am just going to reiterate my thoughts from my Above & Beyond’s Top 20 Songs of All-Time post. I truly think that the final drop in “Thing Called Love” is my favorite by them ever. Above & Beyond spend the first four and a half minutes building up this anthem until it all comes crashing down in one massive crescendo. I get so pumped every time I listen to this song, whether it be live, in my car or wherever. I don’t know, it just has that effect on me. I know I’m not the only one.

  • 6. Rebound (Original Mix) – Arty & Mat Zo [134 PM] (132 BPM] (2011)

“Rebound” is my favorite track of all-time. And once again, it has everything to do with Scott. Having never heard this song, Scott sat me down at his place and made me close my eyes and listen to it in full. He told me to focus on how the song developed and on each new element that was added to the build. I had never heard anything like it and instantly fell in love. I also think one of this songs’ highlights is the hard electro-like drop in the beginning that almost desensitizes you to sound, only to bring you back to euphoria with the build I just described. It’s pure bliss. Scott also gave me a light show to “Rebound” later that night in a Carl’s Jr. parking lot, which made me cry completely sober.

  • 7. Till The Sky Falls Down (Dash Berlin 4AM Mix) – Dash Berlin [135 BPM] (2011)

Fun fact that many do not know about Dash Berlin is that is it actually comprised of three people. And no one commands a bass line like Dash Berlin! Dash’s 4AM Remixes are so fucking sick! The bass distortion and chops in the drop of this song takes what was once a beautiful and melodic piece of music and completely turns it on its head. This is a pretty far departure from songs like “Never Cry Again” and “The Night Time” that initially turned me onto Dash, but I think really showcases their range and willingness to try different things.

  • 8. Not Giving Up On Love (Dash Berlin 4AM Mix) – Armin van Buuren [135 BPM] (2010)

The above is true for this 4AM Remix as well. What I particularly like about this remix though is that it takes one of Armin’s most popular songs and just makes it so much dirtier! The original isn’t even comparable in my opinion, however there is certainly a time and place for both. An honorable mention 4AM Remix that did not make the cut is Ferry Corsten’s “Not Coming Down.” It may even be my favorite, but the other two are more deserving of this mix.

  • 9. Fantasy (Tritonal Air Up There Remix) – Nadia Ali [135 BPM] (2010)

I only just discovered Tritonal’s remix of “Fantasy” this year, but felt it had to be included in this mix. I don’t have much to say, but this song is so beautiful and I fucking love Nadia Ali! I remember listening to Tritonal from afar at EDC 2011 and thinking “What the fuck is that?” Nonetheless, I wish they would stop pumping out House and come back to Trance.

  • 10. U (Bryan Kearney Remix) – Gareth Emery [138 BPM] (2014)

You may have noticed that there are not many songs in this mix from the last three years. In fact, this is the only one. I have not been a fan of new Trance releases as of late, but Bryan Kearney’s remix of “U” is the best Trance song of 2014 in my opinion. Armin has been destroying dance floors all summer with his “U/Concrete Angel” Mashup. You should have seen me at Ultra this year when he played it in his mainstage set – I was going crazy. This is also the deliberate turning point of my mix where it transitions into 138. I live at 138 and really wanted the mix up until this point to be a warm up for what was to come.

  • 11. Save Me (Ilya Soloviev Remix) – Shogun [138 BPM] (2010)

The original “Save Me” by Shogun is one of my all-time favorite Trance songs, but it really didn’t fit anywhere in this mix. Shogun is one of my favorite producers and I think the man deserves more credit. Now I don’t know if I prefer Ilya Soloviev’s remix or not, but I think it fits so perfectly between “U” and “Sanctuary.” You also must check out this video of Armin playing it while the sun is either rising or setting on a beach in Bulgaria. I have to go there one day!

  • 12. Sanctuary (Guiseppe Ottaviani Remix) – Gareth Emery [138 BPM] (2011)

“Sanctuary” is an undeniable Trance anthem. And what does every Trance anthem need? A 138 remix of course! And oh man does Guiseppe Ottavaini deliver. His version is just so much bigger than the original and truly deserves its place in this mix. I really couldn’t imagine a Trance showcase without “Sanctuary.” The Sean Tyas remix also deserves mention.

  • 13. Sirens of the Sea (Above & Beyond Club Mix) – OceanLab [138 BPM] (2008)

“Sirens of the Sea” has been known to move me to tears in the right mood. Justine Suissa’s voice is so angelic and showcased so beautifully in the breakdown of this song. There are honestly SO many Above & Beyond songs at 138 that I would have liked to feature in this mix, but I could not include them all. Even so, the title track off of my favorite Trance album deserved a spot on this mix and properly expresses what OceanLab was all about.

  • 14. On A Good Day (Above & Beyond Club Mix) – OceanLab [138 BPM] (2008)

Outside of Group Therapy, I would argue that “On A Good Day” is Above & Beyond’s most recognizable and iconic song. The most recognizable version of which is “On A Good Day (Metropolis),” which was released on Anjunabeats Volume 8. I decided to include the “Metropolis” version on my Above & Beyond’s Top 20 Songs of All-Time post for this reason, however I believe it’s their Club Mix that truly shines. I seriously get lost in a trance every time it comes on. This also concludes the 138 BPM part of our journey.

  • 15. Man On The Run (Extended Mix) – Dash Berlin, Cerf, Mitiska, Jaren [135 BPM] (2009)

While “Rebound” is my favorite song of all-time, “Man On The Run” is the perfect trance track in my eyes. It has literally everything I look for in a Trance anthem and more. I remember the first time I heard it I thought to myself “Holy fuck! How have I not heard this before and where can I find more like it?” (I had a similar reaction the first time I encountered Radiohead). From the vocals, to the breakdown and everything in between, “Man On The Run” is my benchmark when it comes to Trance and is largely responsible for my love of Dash Berlin and really Trance all together.

  • 16. Can’t Sleep (Original Mix) – Above & Beyond [133 BPM] (2006)

I wanted to end this mix with something lighter; something that would make listeners reflect on what they just experienced. I’ve had some serious moments while listening to “Can’t Sleep,” and often about completely unrelated things. I’m not even really sure what it is about this song, but it always helps me deconstruct and face whatever is in front of me. I also think it features some of the most beautiful vocals ever sung in an Above & Beyond song and is the perfect note to round out the mix.


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