World EDMozerAnyone who knows me in the slightest is aware of my passion for statistics and analytics. This is no more apparent than when it comes to my blog. I have gathered up some interesting insights about the geographic locations of my visitors, which I thought you all might enjoy. It’s true that EDM is a global movement! (The following analytics represent data since February 25, 2012)


  1. EDMozer has been visited almost 9,000 times (75.7% of all visitors are from the United States)
  2. At least one person from 95 different countries visited EDMozer (37 from Europe, 25 from Asia, 15 from North America [including Central America], eight from South America, eight from Africa and three from Australia)
  3. The only continent that has not visited EDMozer is Antarctica
  4. There are four countries with populations smaller than 100,000 people that visited EDMozer, including Anguilla, Cayman Islands, Guernsey and Northern Mariana Islands (Anguilla has a population of 13,600 people)
  5. Of the top 10 countries ranked by total visitors, four speak English as a primary language
  6. Surprising countries that visited EDMozer (number of visitors): Philippines (71), Trinidad and Tobago (23), and Kenya (22)
  7. 23 different countries have had just one person visit EDMozer

Fun Facts:

  1. I am aware of 17 countries on the list that have a major DJ
  2. I have flat-out never heard of five countries that visited EDMozer
  3. I have been to 15 countries that visited EDMozer
  4. I am older than 11 countries that visited EDMozer