It’s been nearly nine months since I last posted, but I am back with another Featured Artist post featuring Ellie Goulding. Ellie is just the second vocalist to be featured on my blog, following in the footsteps of the lovely Nadia Ali.

I’ve been listening to EDM for well over four years now, and while she may not have been a staple, Ellie has almost always been present in my playlists. Although she just began her rise to stardom in late 2011, Ellie was a massive superstar on the Internet far before. Those of you who have been on Hype Machine for as long as I have know exactly what I’m talking about. We knew Ellie was destined for greatness from the very beginning and it comes as no surprise that this playlist features NINE different remixes and one original song. I really wanted to limit the playlist to just one version of each track, but both “Burn” remixes are so good and vastly different from one another.

As is custom with most of my playlists, rather than ranking each song, I put them in alphabetical order. As is also custom, here is a little personal anecdote about each song! Enjoy!


As is often my reaction when I hear new remix with Ellie, I was immediately drawn to this track when my friend Pete played it on a drive back from Vegas. Motez is slowly becoming one of my favorite Deep House producers and I honestly think this is his best work. I’d also check out his “High You Are” remix if you like what you hear.


I originally planned on leaving this track off of the playlist because I did not want to include duplicate versions of the same song, but it’s simply too good. One of the groovier songs I’ve heard in a while and definitely my favorite dance music remix of “Burn”.


So I want to talk about Jeftuz for a minute because I discovered him in a very peculiar way just before he made it big. Plus, every music blogger wants to brag about how they discovered an artist before anyone else. Amirite?! Jeftuz is a Dutch R&B producer who recently got his break with Soulection. When I first found this dude, he only had one song with just over 100,000 plays on it. That song was Justin Bieber’s “All That Matters (Jeftuz Remix)”. Despite the original artist, this song is dope. I just checked and holy fuck, this song has over 1 million plays now! Anyway, I found Jeftuz by searching through Ta-ku’s likes on Soundcloud. I don’t even like Ta-ku’s music very much, but was compelled to sift through nearly everything he liked and man was I pumped to find Jeftuz among the pile. My other favorite Jeftuz songs are definitely “If Only You Knew (Jeftuz Remix)” and “Party Girls (Jeftuz Remix)”. His music is sex.


So by now most of you reading know that Slander is comprised of two of my best friends. And while I like everything they put out, when I heard the pre-release version of this song I was overcome with emotion. Derek once told me that his goal in making Trap was to bring out the feeling he once felt Trance gave him. As soon as I heard this drop, I knew he’d accomplished that goal. And now Heaven Trap is sweeping the nation! Hearing this live at the Yost Theater last weekend was an unreal experience and I hope you all get to experience this song live at some point in your lives. Yo, Chicago (July 25) and Madison (October 10) friends, Slander is coming for you! One last thing I need to add now that Slander is getting their music shared by blog after blog these days… I had to be one of the first with their first Seven Lions remix of “Days to Come”. If you haven’t gone back and explored their library, I highly suggest checking it out. However, the best song Slander has ever produced still has to be the “Avicii vs. Swedish House Mafia & Laidback Luke – ID2 vs. Leave The World Behind (Slander MashUp)”. FUCKING EDMOZER EXCLUSIVE RIGHT HERE!


I just heard this song last night for the first time. It’s awesome!


While I’m not super into Kygo’s overplayed Island-Vibey House thing, I think his remix of “High For This” is pretty awesome. I almost included Ellie’s original cover of The Weeknd, but wanted to keep the playlist skewed a bit more towards EDM with the exception of “Burn (Jeftuz Remix)”. I remember the first time I heard Ellie’s cover, I immediately had one of those “OMG what is this song?!” moments. Her voice is just too perfect and I can’t help but dream that a girl will one day sing this song to me.


Back in 2011, I dubbed this track the #6 song of the year. I don’t have much else to say about it, the songs speaks for itself, so here is what I wrote about it in 2011: “No story here. I love Bassnectar. The guy is a true showman who kills it every time he takes the stage. He has a truly unique sound that when paired with the beautiful vocals of the ever-remixed Ellie Goulding create my favorite Dubstep song of the year.”


This song brings me back because I discovered it on HypeM, which then led me to the first EDM mix I ever listened to in full – Alex Metric: DJ Mix – Aug 2010. The song is huge and this mix pretty much cemented my interest in electronic music beyond Deadmau5 and HypeM. Other notable tracks from the mix include “Swoon (Boys Noize Summer Mix)”, “Rainbow Trout” and “Babylon (Steve Angello Edit)”.


“Starry Eyed (Russ Chimes Remix)” is one of the first songs I found on HypeM and at the time, I considered it to be the best EDM song of 2010. You have to understand that back in January of 2010, I had no idea what EDM was and every dance song I heard was somewhat foreign to me. Nonetheless, this song was among the first tracks to open my eyes to EDM and chronologically sits behind only Tiesto’s “Silence (In Search Of Sunrise Remix)” as an influence on my current taste in music.


“Summit” is the lowly original to make it into this playlist, and for good reason. I actually just had to look up what genre this song is classified as because when it was first released it was labeled as Trance. It certainly isn’t Trance, but I don’t think its Dubstep either. Irregardless, I think this song shows Skrillex’s range as a producer beyond Brostep and obviously using Ellie on vocals takes it to a whole new level. “Summit” is probably one of my favorite chill EDM songs ever made.


Well I hope you read and enjoyed, but you probably didn’t. So for the first time on EDMozer, here is a full Soundcloud playlist!!! Follow me if you like!