EDC VegasIt’s been nearly 16 months since my last blog post, and man has a lot happened to me and my taste in music since. Music has sort of taken a back seat over the last year to some of my other passions – I fell for girl, fell for a few too many video games, graduated from college, went to Europe, moved to LA… and the list goes on. But after attending EDC Vegas this past weekend, I realized that music was and always will be my first passion (or at least until I find the next girl).

What really made me want to start blogging again was a conversation, or more appropriately, a lecture I dictated to five people on a bus back from Vegas. For almost two-straight hours, fellow ravers who also attended EDC listened to me rant and discuss various genres, sub-genres and my overall taste in EDM. They hung on my every word and would not stop asking questions. I loved answering all of them and I sort of forgot what it felt like to share my passion for music with others. I don’t DJ anymore and currently have little to no avenues for sharing my taste in music other than the occasional YouTube video on Facebook.

I really like being a tastemaker and few things make me feel better than sharing what is important to me with others. If I can turn someone onto a new genre of music or a new artist that then becomes as big of a part of their life as mine, then that makes me incredibly happy. And so goes the reasons for continuing with this blog.

I don’t keep up with new music to the extent that I used to. I formerly could listen to a DJs podcast and already have downloaded every song featured on it. Instead, I plan to share playlists (like I used to) of songs that share a common theme, genre or maybe just something I’m vibing on and think people need to give a listen.

I always appreciate feedback on both my writing style and taste in music, so feel free to comment or hit me up on social media if we are connected.

So yeah, I’m back. Let’s see how long this lasts…