For those of you that don’t know, I use to be extremely into emo music in high school before discovering Radiohead senior year and moving onto “better” music. I also used to love the shit out of Blink-182! I have since moved on from that genre and listen to exclusively EDM, but sometimes it is still nice to stop raging face from the moment I wake up until I go to bed.

Turns out this playlist was not even close to as easy to make as I imagined. Sure, there are plenty of EDM songs about love and/or heartbreak, but I was going for a very specific type of track for this Valentine’s Day playlist.

The lyrics must be a focus of the song and I would have preferred if none of them had overwhelming drops. Most of them achieve in this area with the exception of “Thing Called Love (Extended Club Mix).” Having a large drop often ruins the message of a song and people often forget to examine a track as a whole. Rather, I prefered the songs on the list to have a steady, soothing beat that does not waiver much.

There might be some obvious songs missing from this list, but I wanted them to be true love songs as opposed to songs about love stories. One of my current favorite Trance songs, “George Square,” falls into this category.

Other songs, as my friends from TaDeD would tell you, can bring you to tears at the right moment, but those are mostly about heartbreak or love lost and I wanted this playlist to be uplifting. Easily, the most moving song for me is “Man On The Run” by Dash Berlin.

I’m also not happy Avicii made this list three times.

I felt obligated to make this playlist with 10 songs, but the real heart of it can be heard in “Falling In Love With Brazil (Kaskade Mashup),” “Never Let Me Go (Extended Mix),” “On My Mind (Pierce Fulton Remix)” and “True Love.”

I wanted to prove to people that EDM is not just about partying with this playlist, but unfortunately that may not be the direction this music is headed. Nonetheless, enjoy the playlist and hopefully you can share these songs with someone you care about!

  1. Drowning (Avicii Remix) – Armin Van Buuren [Trance]
  2. Falling In Love With Brazil (Kaskade Mashup) – Haley vs. Deadmau5 [Progressive House]
  3. Let Me Show You Love (Ash & Avicii’s Hype Machine Mix) – Ash [Progressive House]
  4. Make My Heart (Avicii’s Replacer Mix) – Toni Braxton  [Progressive House]
  5. Never Let Me Go (Extended Mix) – Chris Reece [House]
  6. On My Mind (Pierce Fulton Remix) – Cody Simpson [Progressive House]
  7. Show Me Love (Hardwell Sunrise Mix) – Steve Angello & Laidback Luke [House]
  8. Thing Called Love (Extended Club Mix) – Above & Beyond [Trance]
  9. True Love – George Acosta [Trance]
  10. Youtopia – Armin Van Buuren [Trance]

Also since this is my blog and I can post whatever music I want, here is my favorite song ever. It shaped most of my teenage angst in high school.

Bonus emo track: Always – Blink-182