Most of the time when I listen to EDM, I pay attention mostly to the producer of a songs and not the vocalist. However, in this circumstance that is not the case. May I introduce you to the beautiful, the talented Nadia Ali.

If you don’t know Ali, her Twitter description describes here PERFECTLY: “I sing the songs that make you tingle when you’re dancing.”

Every song that Ali provides her vocals for becomes an instant classic, and as you can imagine, ranking the songs on this playlist in order was impossible because they are all phenomenal. No matter what genre she sings over, the song is always incredible.

I will go as far as saying that Ali has the best voice in all of EDM. Haley, who is featured on a number of earlier Kaskade tracks may be my second favorite.

The list is an attempt at my favorites in order. I am sure I have left out some songs she is featured in, but every one of these deserves a listen.

❤ Nadia Ali

  1. Pressure (Alesso Remix) – Starkillers, Alex Kenji, Nadia Ali [Progressive House]
  2. Fantasy (Morgan Page Remix Extended Mix) – Nadia Ali [Progressive House]
  3. Call My Name (Spencer & Hill Remix) – Sultan & Ned Shepard, Nadia Ali [Electro House]
  4. Believe It (Club Mix) – Spencer & Hill, Nadia Ali [Electro House]
  5. Keep It Coming – Starkillers, Nadia Ali [Progressive House]/Keep It Coming (Basto Remix) – Starkillers, Nadia Ali [Progressive House]
  6. Feels So Good (Club Mix) – Armin Van Buuren, Nadia Ali [Trance]
  7. Rapture (Avicii New Generation Extended Mix) – Nadia Ali [Progressive House]

NEW RELEASE: This Is Your Life (Club Mix) – EDX, Nadia Ali [Progressive House]