I have to come out and say it. After seeing Above & Beyond on Thursday night, I am over House music. Although I was still drunk, I nearly posted a one sentence disclaimer after the show: “Fuck house, ❤ Trance.” But there it is.

I’ll continue to mix it at parties and probably download just as much of it, but it simply does not compare to Trance.

House is far simpler to compose than Trance, and I am undecided on which is tougher to mix because I have heard mixed opinions on the matter. Trance has more of a complex structure within the song. Trance tracks need chords and melody, and often feature piano solos.

As you may recall from my Above & Beyond post, I described Trance as an emotional journey. This still holds true, but on a completely superficial level, Trance is also way more fun to see live. The buildups are longer, the drops are bigger and the all-around experience is far more, well, of an experience.

House music is incredibly repetitive, and while the genre has branched off into several subgenres as of late, House songs come and go, losing their impact after just a short while.

Trance is exactly what the word means; it takes you to another place. The words used to describe house include fun, lively, upbeat, or groovy, while Trance is often described as emotional, dramatic, enticing, or beautiful.

One friend describes Trance as “(bringing him) to another state of consciousness while completely sober.” That’s pretty sweet…

I also can’t forget to mention #trancefamily.

I’ve been incredibly turned off by all back-and-forth debating about which House songs are better, or if a House track is even good. You’ve all been guilty of this. One guy even decided to comment on a post I made about how contradictory and wrong I was about Avicii. That just completely goes against the spirit of EDM.

Next time you don’t like a House song you’re listening to, instead of saying it’s bad, why not suggest an alternative song. Or if you are speaking about a DJ, instead of saying they are bad, just say you don’t listen to them, or it’s not your thing.

This never happens amongst Trance fans, or at least I have yet to witness it. Trance is something that brings us together and provides a common ground. Whenever I run into another Trance fan, we share an obvious unspoken bond concerning our love of the music.

I know a lot of my readers are just getting into EDM, and I realize House and Dubstep are much easier bridges to travel, but give Trance a shot!