How do I begin a featured artist post about my heroes, Above & Beyond (also Oceanlab)? These three guys, Jono, Tony and Paavo, mean the world to me, and the music they make is indescribable. Most of my readers are just getting into EDM, but really only getting into House. Trance is where EDM really reaches its “apex of music” status and Above & Beyond are at the forefront of that revolution.

House is fun to party, but Trance pulls at your heart and can truly be an emotional journey. Laugh all you want, but if you allow yourself to lost it and get lost in a trance (get it?), you’ll see what I mean.

For anyone that does not know yet, I will be traveling with the Wisconsin wrestling team to Champaign-Urbana this weekend, and just my luck, my favorite DJs in the world will be there on Thursday night! The show just sold out and the venue doesn’t even fit 1,000 people so this could be the best show of theirs I’ve seen to date.

I have seen A&B live twice, once at the House of Blues in Chicago when I had a fever of 103, and at EDC Vegas this past summer. I met a girl at EDC Vegas with the same passion for A&B soooooo that was sweet (Hey Jenna!). Every show is like a religious experience and they are the best showman in the business. Having three DJs is also pretty awesome because while one or two mix, the others can appeal to the crowd.

I don’t even know how I began this list of my favorite A&B songs. It’s missing some of their biggest tracks, including “Alone Tonight,” “Can’t Sleep,” “Air For Life,” and so many others.

But it’s not just the songs A&B make, but what they do for the genre. Many of you may have been wondering what the hell the background on my Twitter, Timeline photo, as well as the photo that went along with my original EDM Playlists on Facebook is. Well, A&B’s label is called Anjunabeats (they now also have Anjunadeep) and the music they produce on it is all incredible. Basically, every Trance producer that matters, outside of Armin Van Buuren and Tiesto, is on their label. That’s a lie, but it’s not like any of my readers would know ATB, Dash Berlin, or even Gareth Emery.

I first heard about Above & Beyond in high school when I noticed two Facebook friends discussing one of the Anjunabeats volumes. There are now nine volumes. A&B uses them to promote the best tracks in a given year on their label all in one mixtape. Seriously, check them all out. It’s also interesting to see how their sound has changed over the years because A&B has taken a HUGE step towards Progressive, but I love it. These guys used to produce Trance track after Trance track hovering near 140 BPM (that’s really fast), but have recently settled in right around 134, not near Progressive but approaching it.

Above & Beyond also have a two-hour podcast that rocks my world weekly called Trance Around The World, which can be downloaded on iTunes. They hardly play their own stuff anymore, but it is my favorite sampling of what is new and progressive on the Trance scene. If you go to a school that is as cold as mine, THIS IS THE BEST MUSIC TO POWER WALK BETWEEN CLASSES TO.  Plus, their personalities really shine through and you get a sense that #trancefamily is truly worldwide.

Just listen to the power of “Sun & Moon” live from their 400th episode of TATW in Lebanon at 1:09:32!!! I know I was screaming out loud with half a million people around the world!

Oh, they also won Essential Mix of the Year, again.

The songs are in an attempted order of my favorites. Even though I got into them in high school, I kind of missed their true Trance roots, so other Trance fanatics would be pretty pissed with this list. Because of that, I encourage you to do some searching online for more of their tracks. All the songs are Trance, so I provided the beats per minute for you to differentiate the types within the genre.

EDIT: They are the No. 5-ranked DJ group in the world.

Listen, love and appreciate. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Above & Beyond:

  1. Sun & Moon (Club Mix) – Above & Beyond [134 BPM]
  2. Thing Called Love (Extended Club Mix) – Above & Beyond [134 BPM]
  3. Prelude – Above & Beyond [134 BPM]
  4. On A Good Day (Metropolis) (Extended Mix) – Gareth Emery, Oceanlab [134 BPM]
  5. Lonely Girl (Gareth Emery Remix) – Oceanlab [134 BPM]
  6. You Got To Go – Above & Beyond [132 BPM]/You Got To Go (Above & Beyond Club Mix) – Above & Beyond [132 BPM]
  7. Formula Rossa – Above & Beyond [128 BPM]
  8. Miracle (Above & Beyond Club Mix) – Oceanlab [138 BPM]
  9. Anphonic – Above & Beyond, Kyau & Albert [132 BPM]
  10. Every Little Beat – Above & Beyond [130 BPM]