The time has come to tell you all about the best website on the Internet- Hype Machine. Also known as HypeM, this is the site that got me into EDM in the first place. I discovered HypeM in March 2010 after looking at TIME’s list of best music blogs that year, and instantly fell in love.

Hype Machine is considered a music blog aggregate that compiles songs from blogs all over the web onto one website. Registered users of the site can then “love” and favorite songs that give each track points. It’s basically a democratic way of deciding what songs are hot on the Internet in a small window of time. It then links to those blogs where you can go and download songs!

HypeM often features songs ranging from EDM (including tons of Dubstep) to hip-hop, to indie and other genres that are breaking into the electronic scene. I discovered artists such as Skrillex and Ellie Goulding on HypeM, and I can’t help but think the site help launch them into popularity.

Popular songs can be organized by the past three days or the past week. You can also see which tracks are being tweeted about most and spy on songs that other people listen to. If you already have a favorite music blog that is linked to HypeM, you can simply favorite that blog on the site and every time it posts a new song, the blog title will show up highlighted in your feed.

Another area where HypeM shines is finding songs from the past by your favorite artists. Just simply search that artists name, and HypeM will spit out every track of theirs that has ever been blogged. You can then sort those results by recency or most favorite. It’s incredibly efficient.

I don’t go on HypeM nearly as much as I used to because I have found other means of tracking down EDM catered to my taste, but I still think it is a trailblazing site that sets the tone for what’s popular at any given time. I check it about once a week compared to checking every day a year ago.

Please check it out. I know you will not be¬†disappointed. You can also follow friends on the site to see what they like. So favorite “jmozer” and see what I’m listening to!