In the second addition of “Where I Find Music,” I am going to tell you about one of the coolest websites on the Internet – B@TV.

As you may know, I do not read blogs to find my music, but much prefer to seek it out on my own. One of the coolest ways of doing that is by reading tracklists from DJ’s sets. But why just read tracklists when you can actually watch them DJ???

B@TV provides just that. This incredible site has archived footage of hundreds of DJ sets from the past four years or so. When I first found this site around a year ago, its thing was showing DJs in four different camera angles side-by-side (one behind the DJ, one from the way back of the venue, one with a front view of the DJ, and another that roamed the crowd for hot chicks). The site has since evolved and does primarily one angle at a time, but still rotates between the four perspectives. B@TV also has live streams now, which are really cool.

The way that tracklists are posted on the site still needs improvement, but viewers can comment on the timeline with the song title, and B@TV has since added their own labeler.

I often just sit for hours in front of my computer watching as my favorite DJs kill whatever venue they are at. These are some of my favorite sets to date, but I encourage you to explore further:

Avicii @ Energy, Utrecht: As my friends may remember when I first got my laptop, enhanced with Beats Audio, I would walk into class and make people listen (of course with Bose headphones) to the four minutes of this set where Avicii played “ID” now levels for the first time ever live.

Fedde Le Grand @ Mansion: Fedde is absolutely one of my favorite DJs in the world, and honestly, B@TV (this set specifically) is what convinced me of this. He always plays tracks I don’t know and really toes the line between so many genres I don’t listen to on a regular basis, such as Techno and Tech House.

Tomorrowland 2011: Any set from the coolest looking rave in the world would be awesome to watch, and that is exactly what I did during my internship for two days this past summer. Some of the best sets include Kaskade, Avicii, and Laidback Luke, but do yourself a favor and watch Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike’s set which took place at night (OMG!). I don’t listen to Carl Cox because he plays so much Minimal and Techno, but the lighting at his night set was out of this world too.

Anything w/ Laidback Luke: In my opinion, Laidback Luke is the most talented DJ in the World, incorporating all EDM genres, as well as hip-hop and Alternative Rock into his sets. Not one set is the same and no one can squeeze as many tracks into one show as Luke. His productions have gone down hill compared to last year, but his DJing ability continues to sore. Watch it all!