So it’s a little weird to jump from an Avicii playlist to one featuring Complextro, but this is a subgenre of Electro House that has really caught my ear as of late. The Electro House genre covers so many subcategories that I imagine Complextro came about as a way to differentiate these songs from their Electro House counterparts (Dirty Dutch House etc.). You can tell I don’t even know that much about this stuff, but it sounds great!

Reddit’s r/Complextro describes it as “A new genre that stemmed from ‘electro.’ This genre is complex, hence the name, with artists producing basslines/leads that are very intricate sometimes involving 8+ different synth sounds per 2 bar loop.”

Anyway, I was watching a Ustream video of Electro House DJs Zedd and Porter Robinson when I noticed a bunch of really hard hitting songs that seemed familiar to tracks I already loved. Naturally, I did some investigation and came upon the genre.

As many of my friends know, I enjoy exploring all facets of EDM, however, you would not hear me play this stuff at a party.

DISCLAIMER: Not everyone will enjoy this playlist. This music is not for those that buy into “high tones” like Avicii. It is very intense with low tones and all kinds of funky synth sounds, and I love it!

I created a playlist with 20 songs that each feature a different artist or remixer to show you the range of the subgenre. It is not a huge part of Electro House, but it continues to grow. If you like a song, let me know and I will make more suggestions.

Key Complextro artists: Lazy Rich (kills everything), Darth & Vader (found them yesterday and I was blown away), Porter Robinson (He’s 19), Mord Fustang, DallasK, Feed Me, and Knife Party.

This is the filthiest playlist I will ever post. Enjoy!

  1. Believe It – Spencer & Hill [Electro House]
  2. Call Your Girlfriend (Feed Me Remix) – Robyn [Electro House]
  3. Cool Story (Revolvr Remix) – Fatso [Electro House]
  4. The Devil’s Den – Skrillex & Wolfgang Gartner [Electro House]
  5. Discord – Midnight Conspiracy [Electro House]
  6. Dub Disco (Lucky Date Remix) – Spencer & Hill [Electro House]
  7. Internet Friends – Knife Party [Electro House]
  8. Less Go! (Porter Robinson Remix) – Spencer & Hill [Electro House]
  9. Levels (FTampa Remix) – Avicii [Electro House]
  10. Megaloud – Far Too Loud [Electro House]
  11. My Love Will Surround You (Dirtyloud Remix) – Dinka [Electro House]
  12. One Time – Chrizz Luvly [Electro House]
  13. One Touch Away (DallasK Remix) – Spencer & Hill [Electro House]
  14. Return of the Jedi – Darth & Vader [Electro House]
  15. Smash The Disco – Hirshee [Electro House]
  16. Stars Come Out – Zedd [Electro House]
  17. Super Meat Freeze – Mord Fustang [Electro House]
  18. Swede Dreams (Cazzette Meet At Night Mix) – Avicii [Electro House]
  19. Tomahawk – BT & Adam K [Trance]
  20. Under The Sun (Lazy Rich Remix) – fRew [Electro House]