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Last night marked the third time I have seen Avicii in concert (now more than anyone else), and again he did not disappoint. Avicii may not have played a lot of my favorite tracks, but nonetheless he killed it. One problem with Avicii’s sets that differ from a set I would play, for instance, is that there aren’t enough bangers. “Levels” and “Jump Around” might have been the only moments of his set that the whole crowd was jumping. Maybe because it was not a regular EDM crowd, but in my opinion, Avicii doesn’t play enough Electro House. However, you get what you pay for when you buy into high tones (inside joke).

Avicii is also a much improved DJ, despite using fader effects to get out of almost every other song.

I have to give props to the Orpheum for putting on a sick show however. I was very impressed with their sound system despite the opening DJs being way too quiet. The light show was quite underwhelming, but that was made up for by my first experience with smoke cannons (only the second coolest addition to lights as FIRE).

Although, I have to say Avicii at Segredo last year was more fun than this show because of its intimate confines, and the overload of massive DJs coming through Madison this year. Yesterday was still my favorite DJ set I have seen this school year.

I can’t believe people had to pay between $45-$60 to see Avicii with two local openers! Hey Von (one of the openers), if you are reading this, you’re music is terrible and I have no comment on your skills as a DJ because I was not paying attention.

It was half the price last year.

Avicii played about four or five songs that I didn’t know, including two in-a-row towards the end of his set prior to the encore. One of which did not seem mastered yet though because the bass was so weak on the drop.

I’m having a little trouble recalling what tracks he played by other DJs, but highlights for me were “Calling” and “Dangerous (Deniz Koyu & Johan Wedel Remix).” Somebody played “Hydra”  and “You’ve Got The Love (Mark Knight Remix),” but I don’t remember if it was Avicii or not. The latter might have been a mash-up with “Fade Into Darkness.”

I’d love to hear what other people thought. I know it was many people’s first time at an EDM concert, but please, please don’t call last night a rave. Not even close.

Final thought: Avicii @ The Orpheum was a great way to spend a Tuesday night during syllabus week.

(I’ve never done one of these so give me a break)

I am a few days behind on my weekly playlist, so I created an extra large playlist with 20 songs and a variety of EDM genres for this week. These genres include Electro House, Progressive House, Techno, Trance, and Trap (?).

A TON of huge songs came out this week, including the highly anticipated “Spaceman” and “Eyes Wide Open.” My most anticipated song of two weeks ago (then called “Wimp”) “Cataleya” also came out this week.

I tried to find it online, but I have no idea what genre you would call “Original Don (Flosstradamus Remix).” The only thing I came across was Trap, which there is very little information about online. Also, “Reformation” is VERY HARD Trance. Most Trance that I listen to is soothing and melodic, but this track just goes hard in the paint.

Songs are in alphabetical order. Enjoy!

  1. Around The Sweet Tung Disposition (Deniz Koyu Edit) – Arty vs Axwell & Dirty South vs Deniz Koyu vs Eurythmics [Progressive House]
  2. Body Work (Lazy Rich Remix) – Morgan Page [Electro House]
  3. Can’t Stop Me (Club Mix) – Afrojack [Progressive House]
  4. Cataleya – Andrew Bennett & Strobe [Progressive House]
  5. Dyno – Mike Koglin, Genix [Trance]
  6. Eyes Wide Open – Dirty South & Thomas Gold [Progressive House]
  7. F U Betta (Chuckie Club Remix) – Neon Hitch [Electro House]
  8. My Feelings (Deniz Koyu Remix) – Yenson [Progressive House]
  9. Original Don (Flosstradamus Remix) – Major Lazer [Trap (?)]
  10. Over The Rainbow – Cosmic Gate & J Something [Trance]
  11. Puzzle Piece (Daniel Heatcliff’s Farewell Remix) – Space RockerZ, Tania Zygar [Trance]
  12. Reformation – Trance Arts & Sonic Element [Trance]
  13. Room 300 – Sebastian Krieg, Strobe & Danny Freakazoid [Progressive House]
  14. Sending My Love (Afrojack Edit) – Hard Rock Sofa, Swanky Tunes, R3hab [Electro House]
  15. Spaceman – Hardwell [Progressive House]
  16. Taste The Sun (Tom Fall Remix) – Alex Kunnari [Techno]
  17. We Gonna Rock – Quintino [Electro House]
  18. Welcome (Dem Slackers Remix) – Peking DuK, Stef K [Electro House]
  19. What Can We Do (A Deeper Love) (Third Party Remix) – Tiesto [Progressive House]
  20. You’re Not Alone (Gregori Klosman Remix) – Jared Dietch [Electro House]

The time has come to tell you all about the best website on the Internet- Hype Machine. Also known as HypeM, this is the site that got me into EDM in the first place. I discovered HypeM in March 2010 after looking at TIME’s list of best music blogs that year, and instantly fell in love.

Hype Machine is considered a music blog aggregate that compiles songs from blogs all over the web onto one website. Registered users of the site can then “love” and favorite songs that give each track points. It’s basically a democratic way of deciding what songs are hot on the Internet in a small window of time. It then links to those blogs where you can go and download songs!

HypeM often features songs ranging from EDM (including tons of Dubstep) to hip-hop, to indie and other genres that are breaking into the electronic scene. I discovered artists such as Skrillex and Ellie Goulding on HypeM, and I can’t help but think the site help launch them into popularity.

Popular songs can be organized by the past three days or the past week. You can also see which tracks are being tweeted about most and spy on songs that other people listen to. If you already have a favorite music blog that is linked to HypeM, you can simply favorite that blog on the site and every time it posts a new song, the blog title will show up highlighted in your feed.

Another area where HypeM shines is finding songs from the past by your favorite artists. Just simply search that artists name, and HypeM will spit out every track of theirs that has ever been blogged. You can then sort those results by recency or most favorite. It’s incredibly efficient.

I don’t go on HypeM nearly as much as I used to because I have found other means of tracking down EDM catered to my taste, but I still think it is a trailblazing site that sets the tone for what’s popular at any given time. I check it about once a week compared to checking every day a year ago.

Please check it out. I know you will not be disappointed. You can also follow friends on the site to see what they like. So favorite “jmozer” and see what I’m listening to!

Those of you that know me best know that I loooooove statistics. So of course, I put way too much time into this blog post instead of applying for jobs.

For those of you who have been following my playlists since the very beginning (sometime in July), I thought it would be interesting to find out which artists showed up most often among all of my playlists. I spent some time collecting this data, and the results are very interesting.

Several biases need to be addressed before I move on with this list:

  • My playlists span from July-present and one from March of last year
  • This is MY taste in music
  • I simply consume some artists’ music more based on how I found new songs
  • Some artists spent more time touring than producing during this time period
  • I am only including artists who showed up three or more times (Full list in Google Spreadsheet)
  • Hardwell and Tommy Trash put out more music than anyone else and it so happened that a lot of it was great
  • Notable absentees: Armin Van Buuren, Arty, Eric Prydz/Pryda, and Swedish House Mafia

Hopefully you haven’t heard some of these artists and this list inspires you look into their work. Anyone mentioned is a top DJ that deserves a listen.

1. Hardwell (7), Tommy Trash (7)

3.  Alesso (6), Gregori Klosman (6)

5. Cazzette (5), Kaskade (5)

7. Arno Cost (4), Avicii (4), Bassjackers (4), Chuckie (4), Deadmau5 (4), Fedde Le Grand (4), Knife Party (4), Laidback Luke (4), Leventina (4), Skrillex (4), Tiesto (4)

18. Above & Beyond (3), Afrojack (3), Basto (3), Dada Life (3), Deniz Koyu (3), Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike (3), FareOH (3), Hard Rock Sofa (3), Hook N Sling (3), Jerome Isma-Ae (3), Mat Zo (3), Lazy Rich (3), Nicky Romero (3), Patric La Funk (3), R3hab (3), Thomas Gold (3), Tristan Garner (3)

The majority of my readers are people who like EDM, but do not seek it out for themselves. So this week, I decided to create a random playlist, featuring all Top 40 songs remixed into House bangers. If you thought you were on the fence about EDM, take a listen to these popular songs in their new and improved version (in my opinion). If you still don’t like them, then I am afraid EDM is lost on you and you can go listen to Country.

I provided several different remixers to showcase the range of EDM. Most of these remixes are considered Dutch House, a subgenre of Electro House and sometime Progressive House. Actually, only four songs are not Dutch House. Maybe if you have been reading my blog long enough you can figure it out.

“Coming Home (Dirty South Club Mix),” “Party Rock Anthem (Alesso Remix),” and “Set Fire To The Rain (Thomas Gold Remix)” all made my Top 50 of 2011, and “Sweet Disposition (Axwell & Dirthy South Remix)” would have made my Top 10 of 2010 had I made a list.

Hopefully these songs are a gateway to EDM for some of you. Enjoy!

  1. Coming Home (Dirty South Club Mix) – Diddy-Dirty Money [Electro House]
  2. Dirty Talk (Laidback Luke Remix) – Wynter Gordon [Electro House]
  3. Hangover (Hardwell Remix) – Taio Cruz [Electro House]
  4. Hello (Sidney Samson Remix) – Martin Solveig [Electro House]
  5. I Like It (Chuckie Remix) – Enrique Iglesias [Electro House]
  6. Party Rock Anthem (Alesso Remix) – LMFAO [Electro House]
  7. Rolling In The Deep (Tom Buster & Kidzoy Remix) – Adele [House]
  8. S&M (Sidney Samson Club Mix) – Rihanna [Electro House]
  9. Set Fire To The Rain (Thomas Gold Remix) – Adele [Progressive House]
  10. Sweet Disposition (Axwell & Dirty South Remix) – The Temper Trap [Progressive House]
  11. Turn Me On (Sidney Samson Remix) – David Guetta [Electro House]
  12. We Found Love (Chuckie Remix) – Calvin Harris [Progressive House]
  13. Who’s That Chick (Afrojack Dub) – David Guetta [Electro House]
  14. Who Dat Girl (Deniz Koyu Remix) – Flo Rida [Progressive House]
  15. Without You (Armin Van Buuren Remix) – David Guetta [Trance – but not really, it’s the same BPM as House]

EDM Playlist 1/15/12

This week’s playlist features five different genres of EDM, including Drum & Bass (second time ever!), Dubstep, Electro House, House, and Progressive House, but no Trance (sad face). Unlike most playlist where I include songs mostly from within a week of its release or at least within a month, this week’s EDM Playlist features seven older songs that I have been listening to and seven new ones.

(I did some digging around blogs, which I never do, and found a couple of gems I missed throughout the year)

Included in the old songs are two tracks that I just recently discovered that probably should have made my Top 50 list of 2011. Those are “Crush On You (Knife Party Remix)” and “Raise Your Hands.” I don’t know how I had not heard them but they are ridic. “Return Of The Jedi” is also one I just discovered that could be the dirtiest Electro House (Complextro) track I have ever heard. And then there is “One More Time,” which I can safely say is the #1 song I cannot wait to drop in a set when I get back to school.

All of the new ones are sick as well. I would love to play “Evensong (Michael Woods Remix)” at a party.

Songs are listed in alphabetical order.


  1. Crush On You (Knife Party Remix) – Nero [Drum & Bass]
  2. Don’t Stop Believing (Felix Voya Remix) – Journey [Progressive House]
  3. Hey Hey (DF’s Attention Vocal Mix) – Dennis Ferrer [House]
  4. Love In Motion (Skrillex’s Funkt-Out Mix) – SebatiAn [Dubstep]
  5. One More Time – Mike Candys & Jack Holiday [House]
  6. Raise Your Hands – Matt Caseli & Danny Freakazoid [Progressive House]
  7. Return Of The Jedi – Darth & Vader [Electro House]


  1. Antidote (Tommy Trash Remix) – Swedish House Mafia vs. Knife Party [Electro House]
  2. Cascade – Tommy Trash [Electro House]
  3. Evensong (Michael Woods Remix) – Ostbahnhof & Ugo Platana [Progressive House]
  4. The One And Only – Quintino [Electro House]
  5. Prutataa (Dada Life Remix) – Afrojack & R3hab [Electro House]
  6. You’re Gonna Love Again (Extended Mix) – NERVO [Progressive House]
  7. 2012 (Twenty Twelve) (Instrumental Mix) – Fareoh & Archie V. [Progressive House]

In the second addition of “Where I Find Music,” I am going to tell you about one of the coolest websites on the Internet – B@TV.

As you may know, I do not read blogs to find my music, but much prefer to seek it out on my own. One of the coolest ways of doing that is by reading tracklists from DJ’s sets. But why just read tracklists when you can actually watch them DJ???

B@TV provides just that. This incredible site has archived footage of hundreds of DJ sets from the past four years or so. When I first found this site around a year ago, its thing was showing DJs in four different camera angles side-by-side (one behind the DJ, one from the way back of the venue, one with a front view of the DJ, and another that roamed the crowd for hot chicks). The site has since evolved and does primarily one angle at a time, but still rotates between the four perspectives. B@TV also has live streams now, which are really cool.

The way that tracklists are posted on the site still needs improvement, but viewers can comment on the timeline with the song title, and B@TV has since added their own labeler.

I often just sit for hours in front of my computer watching as my favorite DJs kill whatever venue they are at. These are some of my favorite sets to date, but I encourage you to explore further:

Avicii @ Energy, Utrecht: As my friends may remember when I first got my laptop, enhanced with Beats Audio, I would walk into class and make people listen (of course with Bose headphones) to the four minutes of this set where Avicii played “ID” now levels for the first time ever live.

Fedde Le Grand @ Mansion: Fedde is absolutely one of my favorite DJs in the world, and honestly, B@TV (this set specifically) is what convinced me of this. He always plays tracks I don’t know and really toes the line between so many genres I don’t listen to on a regular basis, such as Techno and Tech House.

Tomorrowland 2011: Any set from the coolest looking rave in the world would be awesome to watch, and that is exactly what I did during my internship for two days this past summer. Some of the best sets include Kaskade, Avicii, and Laidback Luke, but do yourself a favor and watch Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike’s set which took place at night (OMG!). I don’t listen to Carl Cox because he plays so much Minimal and Techno, but the lighting at his night set was out of this world too.

Anything w/ Laidback Luke: In my opinion, Laidback Luke is the most talented DJ in the World, incorporating all EDM genres, as well as hip-hop and Alternative Rock into his sets. Not one set is the same and no one can squeeze as many tracks into one show as Luke. His productions have gone down hill compared to last year, but his DJing ability continues to sore. Watch it all!

So it’s a little weird to jump from an Avicii playlist to one featuring Complextro, but this is a subgenre of Electro House that has really caught my ear as of late. The Electro House genre covers so many subcategories that I imagine Complextro came about as a way to differentiate these songs from their Electro House counterparts (Dirty Dutch House etc.). You can tell I don’t even know that much about this stuff, but it sounds great!

Reddit’s r/Complextro describes it as “A new genre that stemmed from ‘electro.’ This genre is complex, hence the name, with artists producing basslines/leads that are very intricate sometimes involving 8+ different synth sounds per 2 bar loop.”

Anyway, I was watching a Ustream video of Electro House DJs Zedd and Porter Robinson when I noticed a bunch of really hard hitting songs that seemed familiar to tracks I already loved. Naturally, I did some investigation and came upon the genre.

As many of my friends know, I enjoy exploring all facets of EDM, however, you would not hear me play this stuff at a party.

DISCLAIMER: Not everyone will enjoy this playlist. This music is not for those that buy into “high tones” like Avicii. It is very intense with low tones and all kinds of funky synth sounds, and I love it!

I created a playlist with 20 songs that each feature a different artist or remixer to show you the range of the subgenre. It is not a huge part of Electro House, but it continues to grow. If you like a song, let me know and I will make more suggestions.

Key Complextro artists: Lazy Rich (kills everything), Darth & Vader (found them yesterday and I was blown away), Porter Robinson (He’s 19), Mord Fustang, DallasK, Feed Me, and Knife Party.

This is the filthiest playlist I will ever post. Enjoy!

  1. Believe It – Spencer & Hill [Electro House]
  2. Call Your Girlfriend (Feed Me Remix) – Robyn [Electro House]
  3. Cool Story (Revolvr Remix) – Fatso [Electro House]
  4. The Devil’s Den – Skrillex & Wolfgang Gartner [Electro House]
  5. Discord – Midnight Conspiracy [Electro House]
  6. Dub Disco (Lucky Date Remix) – Spencer & Hill [Electro House]
  7. Internet Friends – Knife Party [Electro House]
  8. Less Go! (Porter Robinson Remix) – Spencer & Hill [Electro House]
  9. Levels (FTampa Remix) – Avicii [Electro House]
  10. Megaloud – Far Too Loud [Electro House]
  11. My Love Will Surround You (Dirtyloud Remix) – Dinka [Electro House]
  12. One Time – Chrizz Luvly [Electro House]
  13. One Touch Away (DallasK Remix) – Spencer & Hill [Electro House]
  14. Return of the Jedi – Darth & Vader [Electro House]
  15. Smash The Disco – Hirshee [Electro House]
  16. Stars Come Out – Zedd [Electro House]
  17. Super Meat Freeze – Mord Fustang [Electro House]
  18. Swede Dreams (Cazzette Meet At Night Mix) – Avicii [Electro House]
  19. Tomahawk – BT & Adam K [Trance]
  20. Under The Sun (Lazy Rich Remix) – fRew [Electro House]

Featured Artist: Avicii

The man, the myth, the legend – Avicii is coming to Madison, Wis. on January 24th for the second time in two years, but this time it’s twice as expensive (yay!). The Swedish native’s real name is Tim Bergling, but he also goes by Tim Berg and Tom Hangs (wtf?).

I stopped listening to Avicii a while back because he is a fuck, and stopped releasing music to go on tour to make his way into the hearts of college students all over the United States. It worked and he is now the undeserved #6 DJ in the world (I think he should be #11).

For many, Avicii is the gateway drug into EDM and I imagine a lot of people who have never been to a House music show will be attending their first when Avicii comes to town. My gateway DJ was Deadmau5, but that was a different time back then.

Avicii does not have too many original mixes to write home about, but he is a remix master, although “Levels” was my top song of 2011. There are over 60 songs in my library when I search for “Avicii,” so you can imagine how tough this list was to put together. The following is a list of my favorite 10 Avicii songs in order:

  1. Levels – Avicii [Progressive House]
  2. Seek Bromance (Avicii Vocal Extended) – Tim Berg [Progressive House]
  3. Let Me Show You Love (Ash & Avicii’s Hype Machine Mix) – Ash [Progressive House]
  4. Sometimes I Feel (Avicii’s Out of Miami Mix) – Sebastien Drums [Progressive House]
  5. Escape Me (Avicii Remix At Night) – Tiesto [Progressive House]
  6. Rapture (Avicii New Generation Extended Mix) – Nadia Ali [Progressive House]
  7. Hang With Me (Avicii’s Exclusive Club Mix) – Robyn [Progressive House]
  8. Make My Heart (Avicii’s Replacer Mix) – Toni Braxton [Progressive House]
  9. Drowning (Avicii Remix) – Armin Van Buuren [Trance]
  10. Sunshine – Avicii & David Guetta [Progressive House]
Bonus (Unreleased):
  1. Fuck School – Avicii & Nicky Romero
  2. ID2 – Avicii

Another new segment! People often ask me where I find the music I listen to, so I thought I would share a few of my sources with my readers.

If you are ever looking for House music before I post the weekly EDM Playlist, you can hop on over to Morgan Page’s In The Air Podcast. We literally have the exact same taste in music. And once, I had already heard every song he played
on the podcast. Basically, if you enjoy the music I post, take a list to his weekly podcast.

The podcast is downloadable on iTunes and from his Soundcloud.

Full tracklists are always posted here.

While we are on it, here are my favorire Morgan Page tracks:

  1. Fantasy (Morgan Page Remix) – Nadia Ali [Progressive House]
  2. In The Air (Extended Mix) –  Morgan Page, Sultan & Ned Shepard & BT [Progressive House]
  3. Longest Road (Deadmau5 Remix) – Morgan Page [Progressive House] I know this one isn’t by Morgan Page, but the original is and this was one of the very first songs that got me into EDM…